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be the good.

be the good. 

practice random acts of kindness. dream big, live bigger. build others up. encourage greatness in others. talk less, listen more. go on an adventure with friends. learn to be present, live in the moment. be inspired by others. be kind. be a truth-teller, difference-maker, earthshaker. 

"be the change you wish to see in the world."  Mahatma Gandhi 






about Imy's joy...

Why the name ‘imy’s joy’?
I get asked A LOT if my name is Imy. Which I secretly love, because Imy's Joy is actually named after my sweet grandmother, Imogene.  I chose 'Imy's Joy' to honor and celebrate the incredible woman she was and how special she was to me and so many others.  She was a shining example of joy to all she encountered. Whose smile always lifted my mood even on the saddest of days and who always believed in me and encouraged me in all things. Her positive attitude was infectious, her hugs uplifting…and I knew that’s EXACTLY how I wanted others to feel when they read the words I’d placed before them, whether it be on a hand-painted sign, an IJ tee, or a handmade card.  
Creating one-of-a-kind pieces brings me joy, and my hope is that it will not only inspire and speak to you, but others as well. 

Thank you for stopping by and supporting small businesses like mine!

one-of-a-kind tees


It all started when...

my Bible study girls, my tribe, my sisters headed to the Belong Tour at Columbus, OH, in the fall of 2016. We wanted a t-shirt designed just for us. So I sketched out a design and had a few made, and I was immediately in love with the process and decided to add one-of-kind-designed tees to my product line.

Here's to finding your tribe, dreaming big and living bigger, together.


Meet the maker

I'm Sarah, maker of all the things Imy's Joy, wife to my college sweetheart Drew, and mom to 3 boys, and our 4th 'child'...Hank the beagle.  We live right outside of Indianapolis, IN, and I am a Hoosier gal through and through! What started out as a hobby & creative outlet back in 2012, Imy's Joy has grown and blossomed into more than I could have ever imagined. It has truly been life-changing and has brought such incredible people and experiences into my daily life. 
When I'm not creating in my home studio or using super-awesome power tools in the garage/workshop, you can find me doing a number of my favorite things. I absolutely love to travel, be outdoors as often as possible (you will find us on our back porch EVERY night come summer), reading any good book I can get my hands on, sing show tunes like it's my JOB, coffee, the beach, watching my kids play their sports, activities & all the fun that goes along with that, anything related to Disney and good music. 

I love getting to know my customers--whether it be at a handmade market or via social media! Be sure to follow @imysjoy on Instagram and Facebook for news on upcoming events, sales, and even some Hank the Beagle shenanigans!