our 'vacation selves'


On our drive back from a long and relaxing vacation, I found myself looking through all of the incredible photos we snapped while we were away. Big smiles (not the forced ones that you bribe your kids with ice cream for!), laughter, relaxed poses, all of us seemingly happy, content and carefree. And we absolutely were. Isn't that the truth? Don't we all just love our 'vacation selves'? There's no pretending, no putting on a good face, no pressures from the outside world. On a vacation, our job is to simply just be. To live on the moment. To take in the greatness of our surroundings, our family, our friends. Maybe some of us spend our time reading, exploring, floating on a raft in a pool while sipping on a fruity cocktail, trying new adventures, seeing sights we've never seen....the possibilities are endless.

So, this all got me thinking. Why do we need a vacation to feel this way? Of course, I know the obvious answer. It's a retreat from reality. A getaway from the ordinary. An escape from the everyday. But it's really our frame of mind. We allow ourselves to live in the moment, to be present--because we know those moments are so very precious. Well.....wouldn't it be grand if we had that frame of mind ALL of the time?? If everyday we woke up, thanking God for another beautiful morning, another day full of possibility and chances to connect with others, nature and ENJOY. If we could be our 'vacation selves' every. single. day. Sure, I'm not saying every day is going to be a vacation. Not every day is easy. I mean, I know this to be true, y'all......BUT, what if we just worked on changing our attitude & outlook on the everyday. Approaching it a little like vacation. Full of possibilities, learning to trust, learning to be content, making a point to live each day to the fullest and live in the moment, learning to be present. 

A lofty goal?? Maybe.  

But impossible? Nope. I say Bring it On. I'm gonna let my 'vacation self' just linger on around. 

Still on the road this morning, listening to the ever-so-lovely sounds of my three boys arguing and picking on each other in the background, as I try to make my grocery list out for the week... 

Like I said, it may not be easy, you guys 😆 BUT, I just know it's worth a try. Because life is precious, friends. Not to get too deep on ya' this morning, but tomorrows aren't guaranteed. I say, we live it up, approaching each day like it's our favorite one yet. 

Cheers, friends! Here's to our vacation selves.