Things above.


This verse just keeps going over and over in my head. 

Do you have a hard time with this as much as I do? 

If it was just so simple. But we are a messy bunch, us humans. We inundate our daily lives with TV, social media, gadgets, news programs, Netflix, sports, and everything in between. We put our energy into arguments on social media, over differences in ideology, politics, beliefs, opinions...

And we wonder why we are stressed, heartbroken, disappointed, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry. 

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.  (Colossians 3:2)

We are spending so much time and energy focusing on the things that aren't "above". How would this world and your life be different if we TRULY did just that? If we set our minds above, NOT on earthly things. Not on our opinions, not our political views. Not on social media post arguments. Not on TV. Not on status or material things.

What if we turned all of that off? What if you stepped outside, breathed in the fresh air, and took a few minutes to be present and thankful to be alive? Because your life you've been given is an absolute GIFT. What if you took a walk to the park saying hello to people you meet as you pass by? What if you had meaningful and intentional conversations with people who are different from you. Not through a screen on Facebook. But face-to-face discussions. What if we step outside our comfort zone, lay our pride and stubbornness at our feet, and are intentional and mindful with the power our words and actions hold? What if you replaced arguments with random acts of kindness? 

What if we, in a sense, reconnected with humanity? Because I think that's what we could all use right about now.

A humanity reboot.

We are humans first on God's beautiful Earth.  We all breathe in the same air that God provides for us. We all have the same heart that beats inside of us. We are only on this Earth for a limited time--may we use it wisely. We are on this Earth to love and to be loved. Because in the end, friends, that is ALL THAT MATTERS.

We just have to remember to keep looking up and have the faith that more of us will do just that.

Sarah Kruer1 Comment