the little things.


That lady on the right? The one holding that chunky, hot mess of a baby (that would be me)?

That’s my momma. 💗 And I know I’m biased, but she’s my hero, who I aspire to be and one of my best friends. (Plus, she might be the greatest Mimi of all time to her 5 grandkids!)

When I sat down to write about her tonight, I found myself emotional and I’m telling you, ALL THE TEARS started flowing. It could be because I’d just listened to Nicole Nordeman’s  “Slow Down”, just minutes before. (Seriously, THAT is an ugly cry song for all the mommas out there, but it is just so darn good!❤️ Link below!)

Isn’t it funny how one photo can trigger an old memory and then that one triggers another and so on, and soon you find yourself in full-on nostalgia mode?!

I just love that.

I was sitting at the table writing in my journal and was flooded with stories that I was recalling about what I’ve learned over the years from my Mom and found myself feeling in a hurry to write them all down. Because let me tell you a fear I have...

Have you seen the Pixar movie “Inside Out”? In the movie, there’s a place called the ‘memory dump’, a pit of giant hills full of faded memories that eventually disappear if completely forgotten.

This is my fear. To forget the simple, but treasured moments that aren’t the big things. But they’re the small things, small moments—sometimes even more meaningful than the big ones.

Like the countless times she’d pack up our Pinto station wagon and drive my brothers and I to Starve Hollow Park, spending all day swimming, playing in the sun and let us get Push Up Pops, Fun Dips and Pixie Stix for snacks. She, in her big floppy hat and fashionable sunglasses.

Or the times I’d tag along with her to FBC’s choir practice, as a preschooler, and I’d hide under the pews and eat all the Starlight mints in the choir storage room, foolishly thinking no one could see me. 😆

Or how we’d often spend our lazy Sunday afternoons watching old classics on AMC starring the greats like Doris Day, Katharine Hepburn & Cary Grant.

Or how she always seemed to be baking something or making ice cream—which honestly justifies my intense sweet tooth.

Or how she always knew just what to say to me when I was heartbroken, hurt or disappointed, to make me feel better. (that one’s still true today)

When you’re a child, you take for granted all of the little (and even the big) moments that your Mom is there for you, the sacrifices she makes and all of the things she does for you.

When I became a mom myself nearly 13 years ago, the moment I held that tiny boy in my arms, I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility come over me.

Was I prepared for this gig?!

Is there an instruction manual?! Because, I’M BUYING ALL THE BOOKS, people!!

Will I mess up??

Will I know what to do??

But most importantly, will I be as good as my mom?!

And you know what, now I know all the answers to all of those questions.

I’ll sum it up for you:

You’re never prepared; there is no instruction manual (unless you count Google or WebMD!😆); YES, you will mess up—ALL the time; but good news—your kids likely won’t notice(!); you won’t always know what to do, but you’ll learn to trust your gut and learn as you go; and while I’ll never be what my Mom was to me (and in my case, she’s pretty spectacular if I do say so myself), I now know that what I AM, is ‘Mom’ to Ben, Liam & Owen. And while THAT may look different than what my mom was/is to me, it is still absolutely as precious, treasured and special. And I know that they will have moments and traditions they’ll also cherish as adults one day, and that is bringing me all the good feels in all the world tonight. Because I don’t have to be the perfect Mom (learned this one was reality on like day 3 when I tried using baby nail clippers for the first time😳😆).

I just have to be me.

I just have to love on these kids and they’ll see me make mistakes and that’s okay. And at the end of the day, they’ll remember all of the moments and times when I wasn’t over-planning, or trying to make it “perfect”.

They’ll remember and cherish the moments I wouldn’t even imagine.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, for loving on me and our family so BIG. And to all of you who are or have mothered others in some way, shape or form. 💗 For all the grandmas, Mimi’s, Nanas, moms, step-moms, aunts, sisters, friends—you are doing GREAT things and I hope you know what an impact you’re making on the littles around you. 💗

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