‘‘Twas the night before school...

This might be a first.

My kids were in bed by 9, lunches were packed, “school clothes” laid out, backpacks packed full with supplies galore—this has NEVER HAPPENED so smoothly before, guys!


Maybe it’s a sign of the times, or maybe I just happened to be organized than in previous years??

Nah, I’m gonna go with my first thought. I think it has to do with the fact I have a 2nd grader, 5th grader & 7th grader heading back to school tomorrow. They are somewhat ‘seasoned’ school-goers—they know the drill, so to speak. Except we have 2 starting new schools this year—one in intermediate and one in junior high. Both have some apprehension about the newness of it all.

Tonight, I found myself going to bed around 10:30. Read for a bit. Tossed and turned, but no such luck. I was restless, and just couldn’t fall asleep.

So I headed back downstairs, turned on the lamp, grabbed my favorite cozy throw and sat down on the couch, ready to catch up on ‘The Crown’. But then I noticed these books on the shelf, right under the TV. So, what are they, you ask??

Well, like all new moms—it was a well-intentioned idea, and this was before Pinterest, guys—but not very well executed.😆 I started a journal for each of them when they were each born, with the purpose of writing milestones, funny stories, accomplishments & adventures of each. My oldest son has a good 3/4 of his book written in, my middle son about 1/2, and my youngest...well, about 7 pages worth. 🙄😂 Poor kiddo! #3rdchild

And to be honest, once Facebook came along, I started sharing their funny stories & tidbits via that avenue, because it was a great way to share with family members who were far away—but also, that TimeHop feature where it shares memories from past years was AWESOME.

So, unfortunately, life got busier, technology won and these well-intentioned journals sat on the bottom shelf, collecting dust, but not many memories

But tonight, they sat there, staring at me, and I pulled them out and started flipping through them and reading what I’d written from years past, and oh my word. ALL THE TEARS came flowing!!

I could hardly handle it. But once I collected myself from the ridiculousness, I decided I’d write in them tonight. So I wrote what I was wrestling with this evening, what was keeping me up, that I didn’t even realize until I just started writing...

My hopes & prayers for my three boys as they start their new school years: that they’ll grow deeper in their friendships; that they will seek new adventures that will open their minds; that they’ll be courageous and strong in their decisions and days; that they know they can do hard things—that they are capable and smart and brave; that they will be kind to others and to themselves; that they’ll grow closer to God and learn to lean on Him when people fail them; and that they know they are loved and have a family who is accepting & there for them no matter what. ❤️

The first day of school is always a little bittersweet. On one hand, I’m back to having more time to work & focus on my business, happy to have my ‘routine’ back—but on the other hand, I’m sending my boys once again, off to a new school year, new teachers, new schools...away from the safety & security of Home.

These school years are going by SO FAST, and as much as I want to slow them down, that isn’t gonna happen.

Instead, I’m choosing to embrace the changes, the newness, the excitement of what’s to come, the fun adventures & milestones ahead...but also remembering to enjoy the Present. The little moments. Some will be written down in a journal or social media—but most of them will just be moments of the heart, shared between me & my boys.

And for that, tonight, I am thankful.

Here’s to a great year ahead.💗

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